Bottom Fashion Tips


By “untenrum” are meant pants (short and long), skirts and dresses.
The taking of a jeans should be considered carefully. Only those who want to ride in Australia or stay longer than for a week-long / month holiday trip should take a pair of jeans with them. For all other activities and / or stays is not necessary, because a jeans is simply too heavy.
So what do I pack? batik kerja modern
2 long, thin cotton pants (light color)
2-3 short shorts (can also be bought in Australia!)
1 beach dress (should be bought in Australia!)
If you buy a sarong (see below under “Strandlaken”), do not need beach dress
A light, airy skirt
Warm clothing

A thick and heavy wool sweater is no longer necessary in times of “fleece sweaters”. Fleece sweaters are soft, super light and keep pleasantly warm. One is sufficient for the trip. Possibly. A second one can be bought if necessary. Australia & New Zealand offer a rich selection. Some of them are cheaper than ours.
A leggings is an indispensable travel tool, not just to be fashionable “up to date”.
– It provides warmth UNDERWEAR pants when it gets cool.
– It can be worn as a “sleeping suit” when it gets cold in winter in Australia or New Zealand and you do not have a sleeping bag.
– It is an excellent and comfortable garment for traveling at night in buses and trains. At night in buses / trains it can be quite cool.
A long-sleeve, thin pullover (also known as ski underwear) made of microfibre / viscose / Lycra should also be an integral part of the travel bag.
– You can wear it instead of the fleece sweater when it’s cool, but not cold.
– At night in buses and trains, if the air conditioning is too cool.
– You can wear it under the fleece sweater when it gets uncomfortably cold.
– It is a perfect garment on spring and autumn days.

Tips on Fashion The Best this era

What you should consider

Recording your batik pria tampan application profile can be very important for your future career, so you should take some time to think about it. In the following, we have put together a few ideas and suggestions which will help you to prepare for the phototermine.

Some basic thoughts about clothes


A very helpful thought when you stand in front of your wardrobe and think about what you should wear for this photo date: choose your outfit as if you are invited to a personal interview at exactly the company you are applying for …

Think of the idea that the application photo should not be based on your own style and taste, but on the expectations of the employer with whom you are applying. If you are not sure what the “dress code” of the company in question looks like, simply browse through the site, and you will find the appropriate tips. Think about the choice of the clothes you bring to the shooting, whether you could represent your future employer exactly the way to the outside, whether you fit the public appearance of the company. Depending on the industry, the picture may differ considerably: looking for employment in the creative field, such as in an advertising agency, in journalism, the decision will have to look different than if your career is to take place in the world of banks and insurance companies. More important than the last fashionable cut or an expensive label it is experience that you feel really comfortable in the clothes you put together! The discomfort, which produces ill-fitting, uncomfortable, or even unusual clothing, is easily reflected in your attitude and facial expressions.

You should dress well, not dress up! In general, in the case of doubt, it would be a bit more conservative than too casual.

A technical aspect that is gaining in importance with the increasing frequency of online applications: dispense with very small-patterned (plaid, striped …) garments, as they can be an irritating, ugly, so-called Moirée effect when viewed on computer monitors Respectively.

If you’re still unsure about what you’re going to wear to the photo date, you may be comfortable knowing that the importance of clothes on job photos is widely over-estimated. More important than choosing the right blouse, the right tie is definitely that you bring a good mood, because it expresses itself in your look, your attitude and contributes to the viewer.

Very important: You should go to the photo deadline as much as possible, because eye rings and other traces of a too short night can not be completely “over-washed” with makeup and retouching and do not make you more attractive for your future employer!

Hair and makeup

A hairdresser’s visit before the photo session can not hurt, but is by no means a prerequisite for a successful shoot. The hair style should be neutral and not distract from the face. For the same reason you should also use jewelry and lipstick very sparingly. We strongly advise you to avoid the mirror! Here is really true: less is more.

Gentlemen: The tie!

Even if you may be able to move around in your workplace in a much more casual way: in the case of a job photo, the tie is obligatory in many branches of industry. You should be careful not only when choosing this decorative textile, but also the knot deserves attention.

If it is a long time since you had to tie a tie and you are not sure if you can handle this task without problems, we can give you two tips: either you can get the ties you wear at the portrait date Want to tie from someone who can do that well, and then bring the “pre-bound” ties that you just have to put around the collar in the photo studio, or you can take a look at this necktie site that will help you with right Well-made video tutorials not only shows you how to tie a standard knot, but you can also get suggestions for non-everyday knotted knots, which can help you achieve even more attention.

What clothes when jogging?
In principle, the question of the right clothes when walking is answered quickly: they do not exist. Every clothing batik pria tampan  is suitable for jogging. After all, it is about the sport and not about looking good. The latter is, of course, a positive side effect and therefore we want to look at the theme “clothes while jogging”.

Joggers used to travel through Schlabber training pants and hoodies. This also worked. After that they were in unsightly, sweat-sucked clothes – but

they did sport. Today runners spend half a fortune on functional clothing. Synthetic fibers ensure that the sweat is transported away, while cotton sucks them with preference and sticks to the body. Especially in the winter this difference is not unimportant and prevents colds.

There are running clothes for all seasons. In the summer, the shirt and shorts are enough, but you should also think of sun protection. In winter you can look forward to sports underwear and jacket. A cap prevents the chilling and in frosty temperatures also include gloves to the equipment.

Practical are running jackets with separable sleeves. This creates a vest that you will need more often than you think. Many runners are getting too warm. Look at the thermometer, add 10 degrees and dress up according to this temperature. After all, you’re going to sweat while walking, right?

If you go jogging in any weather, you also need a raincoat. Again, there are different models. Pay attention to body-tight cuts, details such as pockets for keys and MP3 players and light materials. Then you can tie the jacket to the hardship around the hip during a rainbreak. In winter several layers of clothing are recommended. Underwear, fleeceshirt and if necessary a windjacke paired with long pants are the first choice.

A sports bra is important for women regardless of season. Its support function helps the breast not to rock up and down too much. Choose the size of the bra but with careful – too small bras tight one, too big do not support adequately.

More tips and tricks about running apparel and accessories:
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7 Tips: How to Trade Fair – Clothes Exchange, Clothes & Co.

We Germans are vice-world champions in shopping – 70 clothing pieces every German is buying an average of the year. Only the Americans buy even more. The “fashion carousel” is growing ever faster; up to twelve new collections come on the market batik kerja modern every year. Compared to 1980 we have now four times more clothes in the wardrobe. Many are aware of the conditions under which the people who produce our clothes have to work. Although there are numerous possibilities to consume more consciously, it is still difficult to orientate. So here is my little overview of good alternatives and actions.

My 7 Tips: Fairly easy to consume

1. Tip: When buying clothes, pay attention to the seal!

If I want to buy something new, I try to pay attention to certain seals. So I can be sure that someone else does not have to pay the price my bargain is really worth. Unfortunately, there is still no seal that covers all important criteria: social aspects such as a living wage, fair working conditions, e.g. For the cotton farmers and an environmentally friendly cultivation and processing method. However, some seals are highly recommended. I would like to take a look at the following overview “Augen auf beim Kleiderkauf” – Flyer with the most important seals. Here is a most recommendable initiative in which whole companies commit themselves to social criteria:

2. Tip: “Yours will change my clothes” – instead of buying

I like to exchange clothes with my sister. In many cities there are now clothes exchange parties – you bring the clothes you can not wear and can choose from the pieces of the other beautiful parts. The whole thing goes online also for example at

3. Tip: Cleansing makes you happy – the clothes

I also find the initiative Klamottenkur, in which one tries in the fasting time to get on with only 50 clothes. Admittedly, I have not yet participated. However, during the past four years, I have had two pregnancies behind me, in which I had a very reduced selection of fitting clothes. This helped me to think about my clothes. It is a question of valuing the work which is in the clothing, and therefore wearing longer garments. Even more to think about and to participate in: On Facebook, there are numerous groups, who exchange about sustainable clothing, for example here …

4. Tip: Old clothes do not belong in the bin – but where do they go?

The platform fair evaluation, which deals with old clothes, advises to give sorted clothes to local projects in order not to destroy the markets in Eastern Europe and Africa.

5. Tip: From Old Make Up – Upcycle your dress, skirt or t-shirt

Upcycling clothes are up-to-date. “Do it yourself” is getting more and more coming, and there are numerous instructions on how to quickly and cheaply create a new, chic part from used clothes. Here is a Youtube playlist with some tutorials and ideas:


There are also numerous labels that work with recycled materials, such as the raw for the oceans collection by Pharell Williams, which uses plastic bottles from the sea as a raw material. Zero Waste collections, which avoid unnecessary waste during production, are particularly innovative. After all, regular collections are responsible for around 15 percent of the fabric in the garbage.

6. Tip: Fair fashion – can not be bought everywhere? Conclude the excuse, these apps and links help you to find fair clothes in your area!

The Fair Fashion Finder app shows you on a map where you can buy fair clothes in your city. You want to know more? In the “Fair Fashion?” App, the Clean Clothes Campaign surveyed over 50 leading European brands and garment companies and asked them what they would be doing to secure their livelihoods in the apparel, shoe, and textile factories of their supply chains. The app not only provides the results of the investigation, but also explains what wages are, and helps you with difficult shopping decisions with a chat game. For further information, where there is fair fashion in your city, you can also find on and a fashion guide for fair and organic fashion can be found at

7. Tip: Online Petitions – Your voice counts! Point out the flaws in the textile industry!

A simple but very useful way to tackle the problems in the textile industry are online petitions, here two examples on and

Shoes Tips Collecting


Running shoes
TrekkingschuhFestes Schuhwerk is undoubtedly an integral part of the travel package of an Australian and batik kerja modern  New Zealand trip. The combination easy and firm is the optimal solution. If you want to travel a lot in national parks and outback, trekking shoes are perfect. You should choose the brightest possible color, because at the high temperatures that can prevail in Australia, shoes should not cause welding feet.
Outdoor and trekking shops offer the best selection. Often, the offered running shoes are made of materials like Gore-Tek, which allow the feet to breathe. There are also interesting leather / fabric combinations, which are slightly more expensive, but more comfortable. The plastic part should be as small as possible.
If you prefer to walk around the outback, work on a farm and / or ride, boots (eg from RM Williams – available in Australia – € 150) are the better alternative.
The purchase of solid footwear should rather be done in Germany, as the shoes should run in. Running around with new shoes on journeys and getting bubbles will definitely affect the mood.

Sandals, especially the comforts that look like open sneakers (from Nike, Reebok, Ecco etc.), so-called trekking sandals, are available in outdoor stores in Germany but also in Australia in a wide selection.
Even if expensive, you should not save on these shoes at all costs, as you will wear them most of the time.

Shoes to go out
If you plan to go to the theater during your Australia trip, visit the Sydney Opera House, go to a chices restaurant, or even go to a club, you should take some neutral, firm shoes.
Many clubs do not allow their guests to be, e.g. With sneakers, trekking shoes or sandals (also no flip-flops !!). You can not go to the theater or to the opera.
Men should take a few light summer half-shoes (for example, made of fabric). Women I recommend a few light “ballerinas”. Both shoes do not take up space in their luggage.

Tips memilih sepatu dari GTop Model Jerman

By the way: pompa bertumit tinggi tidak!

High heels juga telah tidak sepatu atau paragraf bentuk khas Anda. SEMUA sepatu yang tumit tinggi minimal 10 cm, disebut high-heels.

Untuk pihak musim panas!

Bentuk khas: terbuka setengah Wedge
Nyaman? Lebih dari yang Anda pikir!
Tampak pesawat ke: legging dikombinasikan dengan gaun pendek.
Tidak dengan: celana panjang dan rok, karena Anda tidak akan melihat tumit eye-catching!

Untuk pertemuan gadis di es kopi!

Bentuk khas: sepatu dengan tumit, dimana tumit umumnya terbuka.
Nyaman? Sebagian besar sudah.
Tampak terbaik: rok, gaun dan celana capri.
tidak pergi dengan: stoking!
Fitur Khusus: bakiak klasik (sepatu kayu) yang Mules!

ankle boots
Untuk hari yang dingin!

bentuk khas: sepatu dengan bentuk tumit yang berbeda yang stem selalu berakhir di pergelangan kaki.
Nyaman? Tergantung pada tinggi tumit …
Tampak terbaik dari: tabung dan rok pendek dengan celana ketat chic.
Tidak dengan: terselip di celana!
Fitur: Terutama trendi yang ankle boots dengan stiletto tumit!

Panduan Sepatu dari Top Model Jerman

Panduan Shoe TopModel!
Sepatu, sepatu, sepatu – kami ingin SEMUA! Tapi tunggu – bagaimana benar-benar disebut model yang berbeda? Apa yang istimewa? Dan apa yang membantu perempuan sama sekali pada ini? Berikut adalah jawaban!

oleh Staf editorial

Untuk jam belanja!

bentuk khas: punggung kaki terbuka datar
Nyaman? Benar-benar!
Tampak terbaik: celana Capri dan skinny jeans.
tidak pergi dengan: rok mini!
Fitur khusus: Asal-usulnya adalah nyata Ballettschühchen.


platform shoes
Untuk setiap kesempatan!

bentuk khas: Dari sepatu lebih sepatu untuk sandal dan banyak lagi – hanya satu-satunya FRONT harus tinggi minimal 3 cm.
Nyaman? Selalu!
Tampak terbaik: casual berkobar celana panjang, celana capri dan rok.
Tidak sama sekali dengan: memakai malam halus.
Fitur khusus: setelah mereka berada, kadang-kadang keluar. Entah bagaimana terus berubah, jadi mereka hanya kontrak pada suasana hati Anda!

sepatu kets
Untuk saat olahraga!

bentuk khas: hampir seperti sepatu atletik, hanya saja tidak fungsional.
Nyaman? Anda dapat melihat bahwa!
Tampak terbaik dari: pakaian sporty: jeans, panjang atau pendek, rok kasual. Tidak dengan: rok mulia atau tabung!
Harap tidak pernah dihukum olahraga, itu adalah sepatu mode murni: Khusus!

Tips fashion untuk keluarga

Untuk tips lebih berguna

Berderit sepatu saat menjalankan? Kemudian insole harus dihapus sebelum Anda mengolesi beberapa Vaseline ke dalam sepatu. Masukkan sekali lagi hanya satu-satunya.
Untuk pakaian musim dingin mereka harus selalu dicuci pertama. Selanjutnya, ia menyimpan mereka dalam tas sealable dan suspensi ditambahkan baik sekantong lavender, cedar atau Zirbelkieferholzstücke. Hal ini membuat pergi ngengat.
Sepatu favorit Anda, satu-satunya pemicu atau memiliki tanda-tanda utama lainnya memakai? Schuster dapat memperbaiki banyak cacat. Silakan bertanya kepada saya!
Sebuah ritsleting terus tergelincir pada celana dapat dibawa ke posisi dengan klip pengaman. Menghasilkan jarum melalui ritsleting dan klip kemudian tergantung pada tombol celana.
Cuci Tetap-up dengan band silikon hanya dengan deterjen ringan dan selalu kering udara sehingga silikon tidak rapuh.
Untuk acara besar pada fungsi utama Anda selalu memilih pakaian klasik, memberikan Anda yakin cocok. Tren yang lebih untuk acara yang lebih kecil.

Apakah Anda masih memiliki lebih banyak trik yang terdengar menarik, tapi bekerja sangat baik? Dia suka menulis tetapi dalam komentar.

Cara Mengatur Pembelanjaan untuk Kebutuhan Fashion


Pembeli dari blazer dan jaket, Anda harus selalu membuat cocok besar di bahu. penjahit dapat mengubah panjang lengan dan ketebalan – tetapi mengubah lebar bahu hampir mustahil.
Jika Anda ingin pergi membeli pakaian untuk pernikahan berikutnya atau perayaan besar lainnya, mempersiapkan dan mengatur pada perjalanan belanja sebelum: Tarik pakaian yang sesuai pada, mengenakan makeup sama dan rambut rambut yang sesuai. Jadi Anda lihat setelah itu di ruang ganti segera jika semuanya cocok bersama-sama.
Ketika belanja, Anda dapat memeriksa apakah mutiara yang nyata atau buatan. Gosok mereka untuk gigi. permukaan halus, mutiara itu nyata. Hal ini agak kasar, itu adalah versi palsu.
Jangan pernah membeli pakaian yang Anda tidak akan peduli untuk itu. Sebuah sweater kasmir, misalnya, harus dicuci dengan tangan. tidak membelinya jika Anda tahu Anda tidak akan melakukan itu.
Apakah Anda yakin dengan bagian dari Anda saat berbelanja? Hanya kemudian pulang dan tidur malam di atasnya. Jika Anda masih berpikir dari potongan-potongan besar hari berikutnya, Anda harus membelinya!

Tips cara merawat pakaian branded anda


Syal dan handuk bisa indah diikat dipasang pada braket segitiga.
Lelah mengurai rantai? kasus sendok garpu tua cocok kayu sebagai tergantung toko perhiasan di dinding. Cukup cocok hook kecil di dalamnya.
Boots baik disimpan dalam Schrankl bila digunakan untuk menggantung pakaian-gantungan (dua terminal).

Dengan elastane, itu hanya duduk lebih baik. Dalam Shirts kedelapan 5% elastane, dengan celana berkisar 2%.
Setelah menyetrika pakaian apapun harus dingin selama beberapa menit di papan berbohong sebelum Anda don itu. Jika tidak, bisa mengambil bentuk baru.
Celana harus terlihat di bawah pakaian. Perhatikan cocok dan warna yang tepat. Margin dapat dihindari dengan G-String atau celana hipster.
Jika sepatu terlalu ketat, Anda dapat memakai sepatu bahkan dengan kaus kaki tebal dan kemudian mengedit dengan pengering rambut panas. Tidak pernah sebelum membuat sepatu basah!
Anda memakai balerina kulit Anda dan seperti -pumps tanpa kaus kaki? Kemudian mereka barang setelah memakai keluar selalu dengan kain lembut sehingga sepatu tetap bugar.
Panas dapat merusak bingkai kacamata. Oleh karena itu, tidak memakai mereka pada hari-hari panas di kepala Anda dan meletakkannya untuk menyimpan terbaik dalam hard case pelindung.
Jika jaket kulit baru terlalu keras, mereka harus bergabung hujan lagi. air membuat permukaan lebih lembut dan memberikan materi kemampuan untuk beradaptasi dengan sempurna untuk tubuh Anda.
Apakah Anda mengenakan bra terutama seperti, itu harus diganti setidaknya sekali setahun. Fit dan stabilitas hanya tidak ada lagi.
Terlalu banyak denim untuk masuk ke boot? Kemudian sering membantu untuk mengalahkan kaki Jean hati-hati di sekitar kaki dan sekitar untuk menarik kaus kaki panjang.